Average Rob’s Hilarious Photoshop Creations Featuring Our Favorite Celebrities

Average Rob is a popular figure on Instagram. He’s made a name for himself by sharing funny photoshopped pictures of himself with celebrities. As a comedian at heart, Rob’s social media features parodies and numerous photos that feature him in silly and sometimes embarrassing poses. 

The king of photoshop, as he has been crowned, was born in Belgium in 1992. He launched his ‘Average Rob’ Instagram page in 2015, steadily attracting fans over the years. As of July 2022, he has 569,000 followers on Instagram alone. He’s also active on Twitter, Snapchat, as well as YouTube.

In this article, we’ll highlight some of the most popular photos that Rob has manipulated featuring celebrities. His creativity and dedication to his art know no bounds, and we guarantee that you will get a kick out of it. 

Adele’s Vogue Shoot Featuring an Angry ‘Toddler’

Adele had this beautiful picture of her taken for the March 2016 Vogue issue before Average Rob spun it into comedic gold. The shoot included shots of Adele shortly after the release of her immensely successful album, 25, which featured the hit song, Hello.

Even more notable is the fact that the incomparable Annie Leibovitz took the photos. By the end of that month, Rob had shot and posted his take of the shoot. In the post, he plays an angry toddler complaining to his mom about Adele taking up all the space on the couch! 

Brangelina Takes a Ride in Vietnam with a Soda-loving Stranger

There’s no denying that Brad Pitt enjoys riding motorcycles and the occasional scooter. If you googled the words’ Brad Pitt+motorcycle’ right now, the result would be numerous articles and images of the actor around motorcycles, including the one featured here.

The original photo was taken in November 2006 when Pitt and Jolie were spotted cruising down the streets of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Average Rob seems to be enjoying himself on what could arguably be the most awesome scooter ride of all time.

All Six Kardashian Women Plus Rob

No, not Rob Kardashian. By now, we have all seen several photos that feature the six women of the Kardashian- Jenner clan. The women have all graced numerous magazine covers separately, but on this occasion, they shared the spotlight on the cover of Cosmopolitan’s November 2015 issue.

In yet another successful photoshop endeavor, Average Rob looks right at home chilling with the ladies while enjoying what seems to be a bun and a cup of coffee. He also sticks to the shoot’s theme by donning a white shirt and shorts while they’re wearing nothing but crisp white business shirts. 

Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Announcement Photo

Beyoncé certainly knows how to create a buzz with her announcements. Be it pregnancy reveals or album releases, the popstar always gets people talking. We’ll never forget how she announced her first pregnancy by revealing her bump after her 2011 VMA performance.

For her second pregnancy with the twins, Bey posted this photo which broke Instagram records by attracting over a million likes within the first half hour. With stats like that, we understand why Rob chose this photo since he’s never one to shy away from the unexpected.

Rob’s Take on Black Panther’s Most Pivotal Scene

You probably recognize this scene if you’ve watched Marvel’s, Black Panther. It takes place when Killmonger arrives in Wakanda and challenges T’Challa for the mantle of king. The setting is the ceremonial ground before a waterfall, where we saw the king defeat another opponent who wanted the title.

Though the scene itself is pretty emotional, Average Rob remade it into a funny picture with an even more amusing caption on Instagram. He posted the photo in early 2018 with the caption, “Oh no! He did not just call you pink panther!?”

Saved by Spiderman

When Marvel released the official poster for  Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017, they gave the king of photoshop brand new inspiration for his creations. Our friendly neighborhood webbed hero has been hanging off walls and saving people from disasters for decades, and Average Rob seems to be one of those people.

As we have mentioned before, this guy is not afraid of mocking himself for his job, as is clearly shown in this photo. His fans seem to appreciate that about him, seeing as this post has over 27,000 likes on Instagram.

Ed Sheeran Helps Rob Post a Letter to the North Pole

In December of his first year as a content creator on Instagram, Average Rob enlisted the help of a very popular English singer to send a letter to Santa. We all have fond memories of Christmas as kids and adults, but you must admit that Christmas as a kid was more thrilling.

When you’re a kid, decorating the tree, writing to Santa, leaving him milk and cookies, and most importantly, presents, are pretty exciting things! Rob recreated one of these memories with this hilarious photo of Ed Sheeran pictured licking an envelope addressed to Santa.

When Beckham Asks for a Towel, You Get Him a Towel

David Beckham has remained relevant in the limelight for years since he retired from his famous football career. His endorsement deals with various companies, investments, and modeling gigs have ensured that. For example, the original photo of this post helped promote his swimwear collection in 2014.

At 38, Beckham still had an enviable physique, as shown here. Average Rob is seen handing the former footballer a towel as if he has just stepped out of the pool. The picture seems so effortless and yet just as hilarious as the rest. 

Badgal Riri Shares a Cover with Rob

It looks like Average Rob has a thing for magazine covers. Maybe it’s because they always look so crisp and original and sometimes unexpected that he just can’t help but put his own spin on the photos. Rihanna graced the cover of Paper magazine’s March issue in 2017 with an unforgettable punk rock chic vibe.

The colorful hair, exaggerated necklace, and dark makeup used in the shoot brought the whole look together. Rob made the shoot his own by playing a remorseful guy crying behind a glass enclosure without his clothes while Rihanna stands nonchalant a few feet away eating snacks.

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Courtside Moments

Over the years since these two became official, they have given us countless moments worth swooning over. As two of the most successful artists in the music industry, their love and marriage stand as a testament to modern love.

Though they can be notoriously private about their marriage and family life, we have been blessed by snippets of them enjoying time together on dates, especially when they watch basketball. In one of Rob’s most iconic creations, he photoshopped himself next to the couple during a game where a ball hit him in the face.

Britney’s Infamous Run-in With Paparazzi

We are all so glad that Britney Spears is now a free woman. She now has the chance and ability to make decisions about her career, relationships, and body. Her conservatorship, which lasted 13 years, all started after a series of events, including this one pictured right here.

Britney was going through a tough time in her career and personal life with constant attention from the paparazzi. In one instance, she picked up an umbrella and started hitting a car belonging to one of the paparazzi following her. Average Rob created his own version of the ordeal with this post. 

The Hotline Bling Video Now Stars Two People

Drake is one of the most popular artists in the world right now. His music is relatable and captivating, and even though you might not consider yourself a hip-hop fan, you might like many of his songs. One of his most successful singles is Hotline Bling. The video, which features the singer dancing alone, has 1.8 billion views on YouTube.

It’s one of the reasons the song became such a sensation when it was released six years ago. Numerous memes and parodies of the video have been made since then. This is Average Rob’s photoshop creation of him and the rapper dancing to the tune.

Eminem’s Birthday Surprise

For this entry, Average Bob decided to surprise us with a sweet birthday wish for one of his favorite people, Eminem. Rob used an old photo from a movie Eminem starred in back in 2002 called 8 Mile, about an up-and-coming rapper fighting against all odds to win a contest that could propel him to a better life (Eminem).

Though the rapper looks all serious, obviously because he’s in character, Rob is the picture of excitement, going all out with a party hat and a party horn. As an avid fan of the rapper, Rob has posted him several times on his Instagram and Twitter pages. 

A President, His Number Two, and Rob

Away from Hollywood’s usual suspects, we now venture into the political realm of the celeb world. In 2014, a few years before President Obama left office, we were blessed with a video of him and his Vice President at the time, Joe Biden, jogging at the White House.

The video was used in support of a campaign launched by First Lady, Michelle Obama. The campaign, named Let’s Move, was a challenge to encourage children to keep fit. Rob posted his version in January 2017, a few days before President Obama officially left office, saying he wasn’t going to miss the morning runs.

Rob’s Weird Dream

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are one of the funniest and most beloved couples in Hollywood. Their marriage is aspirational. They make fun of each other on Twitter and give us endless things to laugh about at their expense. They also happen to be parents to three beautiful baby girls.

This photo originally showed Ryan holding their eldest, James. However, Rob made this and shared a caption saying he had a weird dream where the two stars were his parents and couldn’t decide whether Blake Lively changing his diapers was awkward or a life goal. We are leaning towards awkward. How about you?

Kim and Kanye Annoy a Sleepy Neighbor

We all miss seeing these two together. They made us wish for more, and together, they gave us a lot of unforgettable looks and red carpet moments. Life, however, never shies away from reminding us that all good things come to an end.

This photo of Kimye was shared by Kim when she showed her fans behind-the-scenes photos of the 2018 Versace pre-fall show. You can search the internet, but we doubt you will find a picture where Kanye’s rare smile is on full display like it is here.

The Jonas Brothers Admit a New Member

This trio stole our hearts from the moment we first watched them on Disney Channel’s original movie, Camp Rock, in 2005. Since then, they have released hit songs and albums, broken up, and gotten back together. No,w they are all grown up with families of their own.

Average Rob took to his eponymous Instagram and Twitter pages to post a photo of the three brothers together with him, saying he was the fourth member of the group. He claimed he was the youngest one, and they kicked him out years ago, but he was now happy to be reunited with them.

A Hug From the King

LeBron James is considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time. It’s no wonder people call him King James. His career has been marked by many victories, which have seen him receive numerous awards and two Olympic gold medals. Like most basketball players, LeBron is extremely tall.

At 206 cm, which translates to 6ft 9inches, he is taller than most of the population in the US. Average Rob demonstrates just how big the difference in height is. He looks so uncomfortable receiving a hug from the basketball player. It looks a bit more like a headlock than a hug.

Cardi B Gives Rob a Massage

A massage from an experienced masseuse can be very therapeutic for the mind, body, and soul. In these hectic times we live in, relaxation seems so out of reach, but it’s highly essential. It appears that Average Rob had these exact thoughts on this particular day.

The only problem is that he enlisted the wrong masseuse. While we love Cardi and her unique New York-Dominican accent and her incredibly catchy songs, it looks like Rob isn’t having such a lovely time. However, he definitely asked for it.

Rob’s Twin Sister Joins the Party

Average Rob really outdid himself with this one. It shows just how far he is willing to go with his photoshopping skills. A Vogue shoot featuring supermodels like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid for their March 2017 issue looked like the perfect opportunity to introduce another aspect of his character.

The original photo featured seven models. Rob shared his version with a caption congratulating his ‘twin sister’ Average Jennifer for finally making it to the cover of Vogue. The theme of that issue was diversity, and we don’t think Rob could have picked a better cover to introduce Average Jennifer. We hope to see her in more posts soon.

Hollywood Legends and a Sick Rob

Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Quentin Tarantino are the stars and directors of the 2019 movie, Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood. It’s the reason this photo exists in the first place. The photos from this photoshoot were featured in an interview done by Esquire magazine shortly before the movie premiered.

The three look effortlessly dapper and classy in their designer clothes, and the classic car makes the whole look come together. Rob’s version of the photo ruins this perfect theme by introducing a passenger who appears to be barfing his guts out.

Katy Perry and Rob Throw a Pool Party

Katy Perry was the undeniable Queen of Pop of the 2010s. She dominated the genre with hits like California Girls, Teenage Dream, Roar, Firework, and I Kissed A Girl. A talented singer and songwriter, Perry has established her place in the music industry, and we can’t wait to hear what she has in store for us.

Rather than wait like the rest of us, Average Rob seems to have taken things into his own hands. In an Instagram post captioned ‘best first date ever,’ the two seem cozy in a small baby pool. People loved the post, which currently has close to 18,000 likes.

These Newlyweds Crushed This Vogue Photoshoot

Justin and Hailey Bieber got married before a registrar in September 2018 and later again in September 2019 in front of their friends and family. Before their September 2019 wedding, they graced the cover of Vogue in March 2019. Shot at their home in LA and wearing clothes by prominent designers, the photos all look spectacular.

This specific one was shot as they lounged around their pool looks so easy and casual. Justin is cradling a guitar, probably playing a tune, while Hailey, the ever stunning model, strikes an effortless pose. Rob is jamming with Bieber as he plays a wooden recorder.

A Tribute to Brangelina

The world was shocked when these two announced they were getting divorced. For years, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were Hollywood’s ‘It’ couple. People loved them so much that they crafted a relationship name for them, ‘Brangelina.’ After over a decade together and six children, Angelina filed for divorce from Pitt in September 2016.

Social media was in a frenzy with people wanting to know more about the news. Some mourned while others rejoiced. Average Rob paid tribute to the couple’s relationship using this photo taken during a shoot for Vanity Fair Italia. The far-away look in his eyes is simply comical. 

Two Besties Take Vogue

It seems that Average Rob loves photobombing Vogue shoots. Maybe one day, he will get his own cover. And maybe in a cruel twist of fate, someone else will create a parody of that shoot. We hope to live to see that day. Taylor Swift and her close friend and model, Karlie Kloss, landed the cover of the prestigious magazine’s March 2015 issue.

The two besties look extremely cozy, taking a selfie with a scenic range of hills as the backdrop. Rob’s prankster side comes off really strongly on this one as he lifts his shirt and presses his body against a window behind the girls. 

Kim and Kanye’s Surrogate

Reality star Kim Kardashian and her ex-husband Kanye West have four children together, two of them via surrogate. Surrogacy has become a popular route for couples who have had trouble with pregnancy to finally make their dream of becoming parents come true.

The couple decided this after Kim’s doctors advised against her carrying another pregnancy, saying it would be life-threatening. After they found a surrogate and announced it to the world, everyone was curious, trying to find out who it was. Average Rob took this opportunity to say the surrogate was him.

Rob Can Fall Asleep Anywhere

One of the most common patterns you will find in Average Rob’s collection of pictures is that of him napping next to celebrities. There are photos of him sleeping next to Selena Gomez, David Beckham, Eminem, and even one where he’s napping while President Obama stands beside him.

This time, Rob is pictured dozing off on a couch behind Ryan Reynolds. Ryan is all casual, seated on the floor next to a giant teddy bear as Rob sleeps, hopefully not snoring behind him. The Instagram star had a funny caption to go with the post, as usual, asking Ryan to shut up because he was trying to take a nap.

No More Seats at the Library

The caption Average Rob used for this post is funnier than the photo itself. He explained that he and the sensational Rihanna had a lot of papers due the following month. We have all been there, so this was very relatable. They arrived late at the library to find all the seats were taken, so they had to think outside the box.

The caption also pays homage to the singer’s hit, Work. He finishes by asking who needs a chair and a desk anyway, and we have to agree with him. Who needs a desk when you have Rihanna? Just be careful not to get too comfortable.

Sometimes His Mischief Lands him in Trouble

Like we said before, Average Rob is a comedian at heart. He is at the center of all the photos he makes such that it doesn’t look like he’s mocking any other subjects but himself. He also never breaks character. For example, when he took a hiatus between August 2018 and February 2019, he came back with a perfectly reasonable explanation for his absence.

He posted a picture showing him in what looks like a chicken coop with pigeons and Eminem. He apologized for his absence and said that he hadn’t posted because the rapper had him locked up in a pigeon cage for dissing his mother’s spaghetti.

Sometimes Hanging Out With Comedians Isn’t Fun

Kevin Hart is one of the world’s funniest people. He is also an established actor. We imagine that hanging out with a guy like Hart means non-stop laughter and a lot of good vibes. Average Rob being a funny guy himself would make the whole place even more entertaining.

This picture, however, reports something entirely different since Rob is the only one who looks like he is having fun. For a bit of an explanation, the post read that that’s what happens when your friend is wasted at a party, but you can’t feel anything. 

Rob Recreates One Of The Most Iconic Movie Scenes

The movie Titanic has numerous memorable scenes in its three hours and 14 minutes of running time. While the moment Jack floats in the ocean close to Rose, shivering in the cold, is haunting, we like to pick this one of them standing at the ship’s bow as the most memorable, and it looks like we are not the only ones.

Rob somehow managed to sandwich himself between our two main characters. Something we would never have thought possible had we not seen it. Below the post, he shared an interesting titbit, saying his grandfather was involved in a love triangle with Jack and Rose.

Of Insane Party Tricks and Famous Rappers

Average Rob certainly knows how to have a great time with these photos he creates. He must have a process for what images to use and the ideas he uses in each one. So many celebrities are doing different things in their careers and attending so many events and gracing magazine covers every day, so we imagine he has a lot to work with.

In this photo, Rob is seemingly having fun holding court with two of the biggest rappers of our time. The original photo was taken at Coachella in 2016. Kanye and Tyler The Creator apparently asked for a party trick, and Rob decided to indulge them.