Curated Collection of Pictures That Make Us Want To Turn Off The Internet

By Ruby M

In case you didn’t know this already — the internet has incredible benefits, like allowing more and more people to work from home, become famous influencers or bloggers, or just a great way to escape for a little while. But it can also be a weird place, filled with unsolicited websites, dark videos, and strange photography. One Instagram user decided to take it upon themselves to find the internet’s most “cursed” images that range from anything between controversial and just plain weird and expose them to the world. @cursed.aesthetic has just under 200k followers and these numbers are rapidly increasing. If you’re feeling up for looking at some pretty weird stuff then this is a great place to start. But be careful, once you start, it might become impossible to stop.

All images in this article are courtesy of @cursed.aesthetic on Instagram.

Can anyone explain this pic please? Asking for a friend

To anyone who has a deep fear of Batman, cemeteries, or giant evil-looking moths, then we advise scrolling right past this image to avoid weeks of alarming nightmares. To the rest of you — keep on reading if you dare.

We’d like to caption this: Batman, Mothman, and Rap-man. MC Ride from Death Grips is about to have that dazed smile wiped right off his face if he turns around. Honestly, though, this image raises so many questions that we’re not sure we want the answers to.

Poop House

Okay — at first glance, you’d probably think, “what on earth is poop about this house?” We won’t lie — it took us a few minutes of staring at the photograph and wondering exactly the same thing until we saw it.

We wonder if the architect did this intentionally or if it’s just a matter of perspective from the angle the picture was taken at. For those of you who still have no clue what we’re talking about — the windows on the second floor look like they spell out the word “poop.”

The Old Man and The Seat

If you’ve watched Rick and Morty, you’ll be familiar with “The Old Man and the Seat” from Season 4. The entire episode revolves around a toilet that is both private and scenic. The place is so beautiful that Rick finds he must defend his prized toilet from everyone else.

We get that some people value scenery, but surely they’d value a bit more privacy. Like, perhaps a toilet with the same fantastic view but behind a window and walls? At the very least, a roof overhead to prevent birds from taking their own bathroom trip right above you.

Baby Steps

Shoes can say a lot about a person. Worn-down running shoes indicate someone is active, and pumps can only be worn by people with excellent balance. Sometimes the design even has that person’s favorite character on it. That said, we have no clue what this shoe says about the owner.

Just like the first image, we have so many questions. Who designed it? Why the baby dolls? Where are their clothes? And why is there a totally normal shoe on the display next to it? We don’t know how anyone would feel comfortable walking on that.

This Ominous Message

This CVS had people rushing to fill their prescriptions and buy necessities before some sort of impending doom came upon them, at least —that’s what people heading to the pharmacy thought of the ominous-looking sign beneath the CVS’s Pharmacy sign.

The sign is either malfunctioning or, if you’re superstitious, is now functioning at the whim of a powerful force not of this world. It reads “let us help you on your path to…” and the rest is pixelated, leaving whatever the message was meant to convey unknown.