40+ Cartoons Of A Day In The Life Of Our Favorite Couple

By Louise P

Our favorite cartoon couple is back! This time with even more crazy antics, relatable fumbles, and cute moments like only they know how to depict. We have followed Yehuda Adi Devir and his wife Maya through many ups and downs in their relationship, and now we present you with one more dose of the adorable duo. Yehuda says that he thinks “the reason people like “One of those days” so much is because they identify with it and relive the beautiful moments that were important parts of shaping their own long-term relationship.” This time their cartoon alter egos meet up with their human counterparts for some extra special moments.  Which one of these moments do you relate to most? Or are you like us, where it feels Yehuda has actually been drawing your life and not his?

Cravings Are No Joke

Pregnant women should be able to relate to Maya’s seemingly unstoppable appetite and cravings for the downright bizarre. Peanut butter and egg sandwich?  No problem! Pickles on your ice cream? Sounds divine! We don’t blame Yehuda for being completely freaked out by what he was seeing.

He says on his blog: “It turns out that it’s not a joke that pregnant women eat strange foods or make strange pairings of unrelated food. In Maya’s case pregnancy makes her crave strong flavors, such as very spicy, very sour or very very very very very salty.”

Getting Fit

Yehuda documented all the struggles of Maya’s pregnancy, and we can relate to so many of them. Just one of the many reasons why we love these two! One of these struggles was helping Maya get some exercise before the baby arrives.

But it seems like she didn’t quite understand what a physioball was supposed to help with. Before you blast Yehuda for fat-shaming his wife, he actually read that doing some exercise is supposed to help a woman through the delivery and recovery process, so good on him for trying to help!

Getting Steamy

This is probably not what Yehuda had in mind when Maya said she wants to get hot and steamy. He probably loves nothing more than a nice, refreshingly cool shower in the morning! Maya, on the other hand, likes things on the face-meltingly scalding side.

How does one compromise on this? Simple, you don’t. You suck it up and embrace the heat if you want to enjoy some time with your hot wife in the shower! What are a couple of 3rd-degree burns between lovers?


Being in a loving relationship means you tolerate A LOT of annoying habits from your partner.  Some people chew too loudly. Some people don’t close the kitchen cabinets. And then we get special people like Maya, who cannot choose a song and listen to it all the way through if her life depended on it!

We bet her nickname is something like DJ Skip-Skip. This is one of the many reasons why each person should have their own Spotify account, and they should have separate earphones. Hygiene is also a good argument, but that’s a story for another day.


There is something to be said for a man who is willing to take the middle seat. Bravo, Yehuda. And considering you are 6ft-something tall, this is anything but comfortable. Everyone else on the plane looks like they are having the time of their lives!

But he knows his lady needs her beauty sleep, and Maya sure does look snug as a bug in a rug. You know what they say, happy wife, happy life! Now only if something can be done about the screaming babies…

Duck Lips

We just can’t get enough of these two! Whether it is their ridiculous antics while trying to get pregnant or getting up to mischief while out and about, they are true couple’s goals!  Here we have another stellar example of something super relatable Yehuda has cartooned.

The eternal struggle of wearing trucker caps. If it’s not giving you hat hair, it’s hitting your car when getting in. When it’s not flying off in the wind, it’s getting in the way when kissing someone. Not to mention when BOTH parties are wearing caps! No amount of duck lips and pouting will help you here, guys.


Poor Yehuda. When will this guy ever catch a break? And especially when trying to get clean or relax. He always gets the short end of the stick. When he is not getting scolded by piping hot shower water, he is stuck in the corner of a tiny bathtub.

How is a guy supposed to get clean over here?  If you ask us, Yehuda needs to drink a few big gulps of that wine. Maybe that will be the only way he will be able to relax in this situation.

Nerds Unite

Couples will know, Marvel comics are one of those things you either totally commit to together or agree to never force the other into watching. These two luckily fall into the former category. They are Marvel fans through and through.

They admit to watching the movie twice when it first hit cinemas. Don’t worry guys; you are not alone. Who can resist 2 hours of Chris Hemsworth in all his glory? Certainly not us! By the looks on their faces, they are pretty shook up about what just happened.


Social media plays such a major role in our lives today, never mind the added pressure it adds to a relationship. Placing your whole life on a public platform for all the world to see is quite bizarre if you think about it.

Yehuda clearly has some reservations about Maya hopping on the Instagram train too. But we doubt that Maya is the type to post scandalous photos of herself in skimpy outfits. We would follow her on Instagram for photos of their adorable baby girl!

Big Baby

Yehuda has previously shown us how bad he gets when he comes down with a bout of the man flu. Maya, on the other hand, continues working until she almost keels over. Now we can see again who is the better patient between the two of them.

Even a big strong guy like him winces at the sight of a few needles. Luckily his hero wife is there to hold his hand. There is something quite endearing about such a burly guy being totally defenseless at the sight of a needle.