Jimmy Fallon Asked Twitter For Wedding Fails And The Internet Provided

By Praseetha N

Getting married is, seemingly, the easy part. You say a couple of words, sign some papers, slide the ring on, and BAM! You’re hitched for life. Staying married is a whole different ballpark. So what do you do when life decides to throw you a curveball on the day of your wedding? Well, these couples are about to show us how it’s done (or how it shouldn’t be done). Jimmy Fallon made sure to ask his audience for their best whoopsie daisy moments. Some of them are cute, others are failed attempts to be cute and others are just straight up cringe. So sit back and witness some of the funniest couples who said their “I Dos”. They’re bound to leave you taking notes to do damage control for your own big day — or being grateful it went far more smoothly than it did for these people!

Don’t Drop The Bride

Right after you say “I do”, there should be a moment of pure joy where laughter, claps and just pure joy erupts in the air. Your guests are all around you and you’re probably hoping your cameraman captures all the right moments.

Well, for this couple, their cameraman caught every single moment, even the not-so-precious ones. The newlyweds said their I Do’s and the groom was probably thinking carrying his new bride back down the aisle in his arms would be the perfect gesture. But, alas, luck (and upper body strength) was not on their side.

Caught On Camera

Here’s another thing about weddings: with all the photography and video cams going around, you have to be on your best behavior. You don’t want to be that guest who is caught accidentally rolling their eyes when someone dances funny.

This girl got caught in the act when she saw her brother, the groom, kissing his bride. As siblings, we totally understand where she’s coming from. But maybe hide it a bit more gracefully behind a napkin next time. Someone looks a little sour. Maybe bring a boyfriend next time?

Something Borrowed

Wardrobe malfunctions happen all the time, and weddings are no exception. Seams rip, buttons go missing, and if you’re really unlucky, suddenly nothing fits anymore. But the worst thing you could actually do is cause these mishaps due to pure carelessness.

This groom not only took the wrong suit, which was too small for him, but it didn’t even match his bride’s wedding dress! That last part got us wondering if the dress was something other than white, because a basic black and white tux would have matched just fine.

A Matching Coincidence

Okay, this had to be planned, right? If it wasn’t, this is one amazing coincidence! All three grandmas showed up wearing the exact dress with the same color. Maybe they all went shopping at the same clothing store. After all, great minds think alike.

It’s a good thing they took it in stride and no one was feeling bitter. We have seen it before where two or more people wear the same outfit and they end up grunting and trying to hide. Glad these grannies were happy with their matching dresses.

Doggy Nap Time

Having your little furbabies included in your wedding is certainly special. You get to have the most loyal creatures right there by your side, who might even love you more than your spouse (but that’s an argument for another time).

Plus, for a doggo, being part of your big day means they are alert and ready for duty! Which is why you should forgive them if they need a little snooze on your soft wedding dress, from being so adorable. Side note though, this is a #weddingwin.


Your career is something that defines a part of who you are. Often, people take great pride in what they do, and some even use it as a day to day skill. But when you’re a meteorologist, you would think that you’d ensure your own wedding day would be sunny and perfect for an outdoor ceremony.

This somewhat incautious bride perhaps tempted Mother Nature just a tad, as her predictions of a bright sunny day did not come true. Instead she was blessed with rain. Hopefully, not everything or everyone was soaked. Now isn’t that ironic, don’t you think?

Series Of Unfortunate Events

When people are gathered around you and they’re having fun and sharing laughs, something somewhere is bound to go wrong. For this bride, however, many things happened in rapid succession. It’s almost a surprise she didn’t wrap herself up with sheet wrap after the second spill.

This is truly a series of unfortunate events, come to life. We mean, how happy must you be to spill wine of the bride’s dress and just how funny was that joke. Also, how did they get the wine off? May her wedded life leave her truly showered with blessings!

Fake Cake

The wedding cake is the centerpiece that holds the aesthetics of a wedding together, and a lot of expectations rest on it. So when your wedding cake ends up not being there, or worse, destroyed, there’s only one thing you can do to salvage a cakeless wedding.

Piece together a bunch of Styrofoam, piping some frosting and pray to the heavens above that no one is able to tell the difference. We mean, that Costco cake might give it away but still, A+ for effort! Also, this best friend must have a career in cake design. Quick thinking, girl!


Everyone loves poking fun at the bride and groom, and it is usually welcomed to create some lighthearted fun. After all, a wedding can get dull if no one is doing anything other than slow dancing and talking amongst themselves while the hired entertainment is playing.

This particular best man however, took it a tad too far with calling out the elephant in the room, especially if the first wife was in attendance. But if we’re being perfectly honest, we would have totally burst out laughing if we had been there.

Bridal Clean-Up Duty

A wedding should be a fun experience for any bride and groom. They are, after all, the main attraction. So imagine if you had to go through what this couple did, after having enjoyed their big day and hosted a slew of guests. Boy, would we be annoyed!

You’d think after the whole event, you’d drive off into the sunset your new husband or wife. But no, these two staged the whole thing and went back inside to help clean up…why though? Looks like these two would make a great pair. Kudos to cleaning up, you guys!