The world-famous physicist Albert Einstein once said it’s important to never stop questioning. While it is human to question the things around us there are endless things for us to discover.

We have barely started our journey out there yet. Today, we look at some of the answers to the little “What Happens If” questions in life, figured out intentionally or unintentionally by some of the curious people living on this planet.

An obstruction to its growth

When we were young, we learned that living things adapt to the changes in their environments. For plants, they generally grow around the obstruction when it is preventing their growth. Thus, we sometimes see photographs of plants having a pretty odd shape.

When we were young, we learned that living things adapt to the changes in their environments. For plants, they generally grow around the obstruction when it is preventing their growth. Thus, we sometimes see photographs of plants having a pretty odd shape.

Call vibration + taking a photo = ?

We all use our smartphones to take photos. In fact, with a decent camera being installed on our pocket devices, there is no need for us to purchase a proper camera to take daily photos. That is, of course, unless you are a professional photographer.

However, none of us would have wondered the consequences of taking a photo while the phone is vibrating due to an incoming phone call. We can see that the photograph just turns out to be pretty wavy if you observe the building carefully.

Heating markers

If you are actually bored enough to read the instruction label on the sides of the marker you would have noticed a warning that says never to expose the marker to extreme heat.

However, for this person who unintentionally exposed the Sharpie to extreme heat by baking it, the results blew our minds. While we aren’t sure what that is, we would like to assume that it is marker ink steam. That is actually pretty cool, as long as you don’t put your face where the steam is going.

Pressure in the can

Physics tells us that heat causes objects to expand since the atoms or molecules would just move apart. However, the air molecules in the can are trapped.

When placed in a car during summer, the air molecules in the can gain heat up and expand, but since they are trapped, they push the can upwards, causing this interesting bump on the lid. This is a science experiment that anyone can do at home (or in the car). Just be prepared in case of a minor can explosion!

Popcorns on a cob

Whenever we consume popcorn, we usually have them individually, since it is much easier for us to eat them that way. However, this person attempted to make popcorn directly on the cob.

Most of us don’t make our own popcorn, since we can readily buy them at the store.But for those who wish to give this a shot, you can definitely try this at home by yourself, but just be careful since some of the popcorn may just fly off the cob.

Melted asphalt

Most of the time, we observe lightning on rainy nights from a distance. However, most of us don’t know that the temperature of lightning is six times hotter than the surface of the sun. This is much more than that of asphalt, which can be 180°C at most.

When the lightning comes into contact with asphalt, the latter melts into rather unimaginable shapes. This melted piece of asphalt can be placed as a decorative item in your living room that will leave guests jaw-dropped.

Court waterbed

Some of us may have seen the natural phenomenon called the grass waterbed. This happens when water gets trapped in pockets beneath the surface of the ground. But when this happens to your school’s basketball court, we can’t call this natural anymore.

Putting any pressure over that court waterbed would just definitely be a wet mess, so we guess that the basketball game is called off. That being said, the reparation costs for this pipe burst would definitely cost a bomb.

Play-Doh crystals

Alright, there is a scientific explanation as to why crystals form when Play-Dohs are left untouched over long periods of time. While making these toys, a large amount of table salt is added to prevent the Play-Doh from forming molds.

It acts as a preservative. In fact, if you are actually adventurous enough to taste Play-Doh, you would notice that it tastes pretty salty. As the Play-Doh hardens, the salt solidifies and forms these tiny crystals.

Insect print

We are definitely sure that the insect here is not part of the original design. Somewhere, somehow, a random insect got itself trapped in the printer. While the latter printed the design, the shape of the insect got imprinted as well.

Even though this minor issue didn’t ruin the overall product, it can make your guests laugh if you show them this imprint. We quote, “At least he’ll always be remembered,” so to the dear insect here, gone but not forgotten.

Getting your gummy worms freeze-dried

If you are patient enough to wait till your gummy worms are freeze-dried, you can go ahead and conduct this delicious experiment at the comfort of your own home. However, for those of us who are not capable enough to do so, we will just explain this to you.

Freeze-drying gummy worms causes them to expand and become harder. This also makes them quite chewier. So chewy, in fact, that finishing an entire packet of freeze-dried gummy worms can take a good portion of your time.

Molten spoon

There are plenty of possibilities over what these baby spoons are made of. But for all we know, none of them can take heat very well. Baby spoons have to be made out of soft materials because baby teeth are about as soft and are still growing.

If you put them in a dishwasher where they can get exposed to high heat, chances are they would melt. Looking at this picture, though, at least this parent can save some money from buying baby forks.

Water spikes

If you came from a country that only experiences summer and spring all year round, you’d be fascinated by this phenomenon. This one happened because the water on the wheels froze as the latter were spinning. This caused the water to fling outwards as they freeze, forming these spikes.

Bus drivers who experience this would remove these icicle spikes right away. They just can’t afford to have their tyres punctured by ice.

Flashlight in a kaleidoscope

Chances are, most of us would have enjoyed a kaleidoscope during childhood. These toys use mirrors to project pretty and fascinating images. But what if, instead of using your eyes to stare into the kaleidoscope, you would place a flashlight instead?

That beam from the flashlight will be reflected in the kaleidoscope’s mirrors to form a colorful spectrum that can be pretty interesting to observe. You can do this on your own, of course, since kaleidoscopes are pretty affordable.

Antibiotics left outside

Every time we visit the clinic and the doctor prescribes syrup antibiotics, they would remind us to shake before consuming and keep the bottle refrigerated. After all, these antibiotics are made out of good bacteria that are alive.

But, what would happen if you leave them outside in the open air where the temperature is just scorching? Looking at the picture just made us lose our appetite – can you believe that this is your medication, which is supposed to heal you?

Melting your trash can with hot charcoal

The only time we need to burn charcoal is when we are having a barbecue, campfire, or an indoor fire in the furnace. It should be common sense to leave them be for a while after the fire dies to let it cool down before disposing of them.

However, some intelligent person decided to dump his or her hot charcoals into a trash can made of plastic. It doesn’t take two brain cells for us to know that the heat would melt the plastic.

Expanded vinyl

Everybody knows that heat makes objects expand. But what would happen if the object is flat and has nowhere else to expand? Well, the sides would just expand in a wave-like manner, rendering your flat object useless.

More so if the said object is a vinyl. This person who absent-mindedly left his vinyl to melt in the car just learned that the hard way. This is why you don’t leave objects out in your car especially when it is summer. Your car could literally turn into an oven.

Maple syrup, crystal form

The best thing to go with piping hot pancakes on a weekend morning is maple syrup. The sweetness of the syrup just makes everything better. But what do you think would happen if you leave your maple syrup in your cabinet for too long?

Since maple syrup consists of different saturated sugars, crystallization can occur and turn the syrup into sugar crystals. Think about it, if we can consume medicines in tablet form instead of syrup, maybe we can do the same for the crystallized maple syrup.

Wind damage

While we have certainly never tried this personally, we were shocked at the amount of damage that the wind alone can cause. How on Earth could wind tear the sleeves of a shirt apart like this? This is why you should always carry a windbreaker around with you if you are anticipating such weather.

After all, the windbreaker can help you protect your clothes from potential damage and help you break wind. Or, wait a minute…

Permanently yours

Whenever you receive something special, you may want to write your name or paste a sticker to say that it’s yours. Or better yet, why not take it up a notch by imprinting your face on the item, itself? Jokes aside, this is what happens if your driver’s license gets stuck onto your wallet’s plastic sheet for too long.

You should take it out sometimes to keep your face from getting imprinted onto your wallet. Then again, it’s all entirely up to you. It’s your wallet anyways.

There goes the flag

We all know that lightning loves to strike the tallest thing in an area. In a golf course, though, everything is pretty much flat except the golf flag. Naturally, that is where the lightning will strike.

Aside from the missing flag and the poor, half-destroyed flagpole, the lightning left traces of its path on the field as well. You can very well see all the charred marks on the ground. Next time you play golf during a thunderstorm, just take them out.

Light beams

If you love physics, this is something that would captivate your interest. Light travels in a straight line, so multiple light sources behind the door will leave multiple light rays that can enter into the dark room.

If you love physics, this is something that would captivate your interest. Light travels in a straight line, so multiple light sources behind the door will leave multiple light rays that can enter into the dark room.